Re-Centering in God’s Word


By Faith, Hear the Spirit Speak God’s Word  

Dear _____,  [Say your name in the blank spaces.]

First, everyone, [and that means you, _____,] should be quick to listen, then, slow to speak, and finally, slower still to be angry, for your unregulated anger, frustration, and irritation produce neither the loving relationships that I command nor the justice that I demand of you, ______.  [IB Jas 1:19-20.]    (CwHS)

In your anger, _____, do not sin.  Do not let your  rightful, initial anger become beastly and sinful.  Let not your anger boil!  Stop the replays!  Let not the father of revenge be your lord and master!  [IB by Ep 4:26-27]    (CwG)

In your anger, _____, do not sin.  Become reflective; be silent; search your heart with the Spirit.  Let the father of love triumph!  Forgive!  [IB by Ps 4:4]    (CwJ)

Keep a tight reign on your tongue!  If not, you, _____, deceive yourself, and your relationship with God (your religion/spirituality) is futile.  [Jas 1:26]   (CwJ)

Out of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person brings out good from the good stored up in their hearts and the evil person brings out evil from the evil stored up in their hearts.  Moreover, I tell you, _____, that each person will have to give account on the Day of Judgment for every careless word he or she has spoken.  By your words, _____, you will be acquitted, and by your words, you, _____, will be condemned. [Mt 12:34-36]   (CwJ)

Do not take revenge!  _____, leave room for MY wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.  Instead, if your enemy is hungry, _____, feed him; if thirsty, give her to drink.  Be not overcome by evil, _____, but overcome evil with good.”  [Ro 12:17-21]    (CwHS)

Jesus Tells Us To Transform Hatred into Love. 

You have heard that it was said, “Love your neighbor, and hate your enemy.”  But I tell you, _____:  Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you so that you may be a true daughter or a true son of your Father in heaven.  Be, therefore, boundless in goodness, _____, as your heavenly Father’s goodness is boundless.  [Mt 5:43-45, 48]    (CwJ)

Jesus Equates Demeaning/Hating Others with Murder.

You have heard it said, “You shall not murder” and “whoever murders shall be liable to judgment.”  But I say,” Whoever so much as speaks under the influence of unregulated anger shall be liable to judgment.  Indeed, if you demean another by word, gesture, facial expression or tonality of voice, you, _____, will be guilty enough to be thrown into the eternal fires of hell.” [IB Mt 5:21-24]   (CwJ)

To say, “I, _____, love God,” yet hate another, is to be a liar.  [1 Jn 4:20]  Anyone who hates another person is a murderer, and you, _____, know that no murderer has eternal life in them.  [1Jn 3:15 & 2:9]    (CwJ)

If, when praying, you, _____, remember that someone has something against you, go and be reconciled.  Then, God, knowing you as his true child, will joyfully receive your prayers and bless you. [IB Mt 5:21-24]   (CwJ)

Having heard God, respond to God with any of these  prayers  if you are stuck for words. 

Brother Jesus, teacher, friend and redeemer, help me to be very quick to listen and quicker still to understand the other before I speak. Then, in that blessed inner silence, help me to ponder and weigh my words so that when I do speak, it will be from a thoughtful, meek and humble heart like yours.  Thank you!

Abba, refine my mind in the fire of your truth and discipline my will to your ways.  Then, I will reject every lie that says it is “only human” to hurt back. I will teach that hurting back is inhuman; it is against Christ-likeness. By your Spirit, I will instruct people to be quick to listen and to understand others. O Lord, in your kindness, open my ears to hear you and others, the very heart beat of creation. 

Here is my list of those who have hurt me.  I ask you, Abba, to bless their lives. Here is my list of those I have injured in word or deed.  Humble my arrogance and warm my heart until I ask their forgiveness. Here is my list of those I have hated in my thoughts. Help me to see and feel Jesus dying on the cross for them.

Going Deeper: Write Down all your: Attitudes, Bitterness, Coldness, Cruelness, Cynicism, Hatreds, Hostilities, Meanness, Nit-Picking, Rage, Ranting, Resentments, Revenge, Sarcasm, Stonewalling, Unregulated Feelings of Aggravation / Frustration /Irritation and Vengeance. Now, hand them over to God’s love and justice



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