Re-Centering in God’s Word



Immediately Place All Impulsive Urges, Cravings, Addictions, Compulsions ... in God’s Hands.

Replace the underlined words with the craving, addiction, compulsion, or urge that is assailing you now.  If you are in self-training with the Holy Spirit to master this particular type of temptation, replace the underlined words with that unregulated urge, craving, addiction .... 

Note: For serious addictions and depressions, also seek expert medical help and a humble support group. To reject knowledge found in God’s good creation and to snub help from a support community is to reject and snub the Holy Spirit.

By Faith, Hear the Spirit Speak Via Scripture to Your Heart

Against the fruit of the Spirit, there is no law.  Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their unregulated desires, urges, cravings, addictions and compulsions.  [IB Ga 5: 23-24.]    (CwHS)  (Now the Fruit of the Spirit are: )

Enemies of the Cross of Christ: Their stomach is God; cravings are their glory; life is unregulated desires; their future is death.  [IB Phil 3: 18-20.]    (CwJ)

Crave not food; it is deceptive.  [IB Pr 23:3-4]. Instead, taste and see that I am good and that my words are sweeter than honey.  [Ps 34:8;119:03]  Listen to me and your soul will delight in a fine banquet and live. [IB Is 55:2]   (CwHS) 

Strive not to be rich or famous.  Instead, _____, seek wisdom from me. 

If your right eye causes you, _____, to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.  Better to lose a limb than for your whole body to go into hell. [Mt 5:29-30]    (CwJ)

Having Heard God, with Humble Faith, Speak To God

Abba, here is my current temptation to sin against you by letting my urges drive me to sin against you. Show your mercy to me a sinner! Strengthen me! 

Rise up, O Spirit; arm me with steel-like, yet humble, self-control that only you can create in me. Sustain me in the life and death battle against my unregulated-self. Then, your fruit will blossom in me: kindness, peace, patience, joy and love will restore, refresh and revitalize all my relationships beginning with my relationship with you and then with all in my family and in the workplace or school.  [IB Ga 5:22] 

My thankfulness is my burnt offering. [Ps 50:22] [Present to God a list of things you wish to thank him for providing you.] God, I thank you greatly. Above all I thank you, O Lord, for the gift of the Holy Spirit who lives in me and helps me to hear God’s word and to be strong in following God’s commands.  I believe in you, Holy Spirit, I believe you live in me and urge me to do good at all times; strengthen me!  [IB Jn 14:15-17]

When re-centered in God’s word, thank God by telling God how much you appreciate being taught wisdom from his very mouth.

      One lives by every word that comes from the mouth

       of God and not by bread alone. [Dt 8:3; Mt 4:4]. 

God is coaching eternal-life skills and restoring your strength to fight in the ever present now to build up God’s kingdom on earth as it is heaven.  The fruit of the Spirit will blossom in you, bear fruit, and glorify God.     




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