Nine Steps To Inner Peace

This page was set up to make an important point about how we can easily be mislead by the deep human longing for inner peace when it is wrapped up in sweet sounding words and promises.

People are looking for “inner peace” and that is good as that is how God created us.  God created us  to live at peace with God and with others and thereby experience deep inner peace in ourselves. And that is how it was in the Garden until we decided not to trust the love of God and began to doubt the goodness of his instructions on how to live a good, God-like life.

Notwithstanding the Fall, the longing for that inner harmony is still there. And sweet words that promise it to us tend to attract us.  That is why we all gravitate to a page such as this.  However,  the only path to true inner peace is: to strive to know and to do the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ.

The point is that the journey to true inner peace can only be found on the narrow path that Christ has detailed for us to follow in his gospel message.  Let us believe God this time and be committed to trust his instructions.  If you believe he is calling you to the narrow way,  click on the link below and go to the “Nine Steps to Have the Mind of Christ 24/7.”

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