Prayer Codes & Clarifications

Contemplating God’s Character

The three biblical composites regarding attributes of God’s character exist for the sole purpose of micro-contemplating and contemplating the beauty of God’s tender love and kindness and the power of God’s pure goodness.  These truths also connect you to the actual heart and mind of Christ Jesus, God incarnate now risen. His mind and heart should become more and more yours as you grow into the new creation.

Praying with the mind of Scripture 

The prayers--responses to God’s word--herein are Scripture-based and have been personalized for you. Humbly pray them.  Then, as you make them your own by faith, slowly add your own Scripture-based responses to God.

General Code

IB = inspired by.

Prayer Codes

CwJ    = Converse with Jesus, your risen Lord & Savior; CwHS = Converse with the Holy Spirit, your inner

                 Comforter & Teacher;

CwG   = Converse with God, your Creator & Abba

Abba = a warm, embracing, tender father

The prayer codes invite you to converse with one of the divine persons. Developing a personal relationship with each person will increase your consciousness of the communitarian and connectional love of the Trinity.  You certainly may choose to speak to another of the divine persons than the one indicated or any two or all three at once. 

I/We Me/Us:

In many biblical texts used herein, “we,” “us,” “our,” are rendered “I,” “me,” “my,” to increase your awareness that God is speaking personally to you. If you do these spiritual exercises in a group, hear God speak to you both personally and as a group.

The Scriptural Translations

The scriptural translations herein are the result of  regular comparisons since 1995 of many English/American versions as I tried to ascertain what the Holy Spirit might be affirming about the areas I was pursuing to understand. The most regularly consulted were the NIV, NRSV, ASV, the Jerusalem Bible,  the Oxford Study Bible, and The Message.   Sometimes the New King James Version was also consulted. When Jesus spoke on anger, all of the above were consulted as well as a New Testament scholar.   Once faithfulness to the intention of the Holy Spirit was achieved to the best of my ability, the remaining effort was to make the text drive directly toward the heart and mind of the reader--starting with myself.  I tried to capture the essence and the fact that the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to me and to you and to everyone in all times and in all places. The Holy Spirit  might be affirming who God is or who I am in the eyes of God. The Holy Spirit might also be convicting me of sin; for example, the sinfulness of unregulated anger.  The Spirit might be convicting me that demeaning another person is equated with murder, that lusting in one’s mind is against being a disciple of Christ as is  bragging about past accomplishments and projecting success into the future without humble dependency on God .... 



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