Re-Centering in God’s Word

    Delight in God’s Character

Share Your Delight in God with God 

Directions: As you have just contemplated the character of God in God’s love Letter to You, or in the composites: God’s Pure Goodness or God’s Pure Love, write down the attractiveness of God’s character and tell God about your delight and admiration of who God is as a person.   Some examples are below. 

1. Abba, I am joyfully astounded that you have never been rude to me and never will be rude.  You truly love me.  My heart is touched deeply.  I am willing to serve such a God as you with all my heart. 

2. I rejoice that you are the defender of the fatherless and the shield of my heart.  I love your protective heart and strength. (See God’s character in the composite: God’s Pure Goodness.)

To continue this conversation with God: My Creator and God of Love, prepare my heart each day to be filled with battle-ready wisdom to fight the good fight as Jesus did.  Therefore, arm me with the sword of the Holy Spirit so that, with  the Spirit, I will be able to defend your kingdom of love in my heart and begin to have a meek and humble heart like Jesus.

Click on the link to receive the Spirit’s Sword and Wisdom.

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