Re-Centering in God’s Word

       God’s Love Letter to You

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Dear ______,    [Say your name in the blanks.]

If I, your God, spoke all languages of the world—and I do—but have not love for you, _____, I am not a God you want to love.  And I certainly am not a God to whom you want to listen.  I would simply be a noisy gong, a clanging cymbal, which you, _____, need to put far from your hearing.   

If I, your God, had the gift of proclaiming divine truths and could fathom all mysteries and had all knowledge—and I do—but have not love for you, _____, I am not a God worth knowing.  Run from me, for I am unlovable.  Reject my teachings, _____, for I am a deadly trap.

If I, your God, had all power and could move mountains with a wink and even raise the dead and change the events of time—and I do have this power—but have not love, tenderness and kindness in my heart for you, _____, then I am worse than no God at all.  I am terrifying and destructive of your innermost being.  You, _____, must flee from me, oppose me, and never serve me.    

And even if I, your God, should become fully human like you and surrender my body to death on the cross, but am not motivated by love for you, _____, my act would be worthless and you would gain nothing. 

But I, your God, am love, pure love.  I always love for it is my nature to love, to be merciful, and to do all in my power to bring you, my child,  _____, home to me.  

As love is patient, I, your God, am patient.  My nature is to be kind; I am pure kindness.  I am humble and not boastful.  I respect your dignity; I confirm your freedom, _____, even when you use it to hurt my heart.

I am never abrasive, nor sarcastic.  I can never be so.  Such thoughts and words are against my very nature.  Just thinking of the hurt they would cause you, _____, would sadden me.  

I am never rude.  I have never been rude to you, _____, my son/daughter, not ever, not even once.  And I will never be rude to you, _____, never, not even once.  I, your God, am always considerate of all your needs.      

Even when you hurt me by your sins, I am slow to act upon the hurt I receive.  I ponder the pain you cause me, see your own pain and your brokenness, and have great compassion for you, ____.  I never act off the first impulse of my anger.  I keep no record of wrongs.  I do not delight in any evil you do or any evil that befalls you, _____.

I rejoice with the truth.  I rejoice when you, _____, know the truth of WHO I AM.  That truth will break the chains that tie your heart down.  It will free your spirit to fly joyfully to me on eagle’s wings.  The Spirit is the eagle of joy.  By, with, and in the Holy Spirit, soar joyfully to me, ____.  I am the Truth.

I always protect you, _____.  I always trust.  I always hope that you will come to me with all your heart, and pursue my ways.  My ways are filled with love, goodness and truth.  And I always persevere in doing good for you, ____, and in loving you. There is no end to the pure goodness of my love. That is truth!


Once you truly believe that I AM WHO I AM–no matter what you feel–you will love and trust me, even when faithfulness requires enduring effort.  Then, my Son, the Spirit, you, _____, and I will strive together to bring all relationships into the kind, warm, and tender embrace of my humble, gentle and loving heart.

Another Way to God Deeper into

God’s Love Letter  to You:

By believing God to be pure love and pure goodness, deep attachment trust takes place.  This enables you, by the Spirit, to begin to love God fully.   The truth is that: Knowing God is your life’s greatest relational need. Trusting God is your life’s greatest emotional need.

Background: The text above is inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 and framed as a personal letter from God to you.  It provides insight into who God truly is.  Through faith and through the Spirit, hear God speaking directly to you.  If a glimpse of God’s loving character strikes you, Stop!  Be still and listen!  God is speaking directly to you.  As you are being spiritually refreshed, praise God for the goodness of his character. 

Read slowly and take note on how God, the Holy Spirit, is making you aware of the multiple facets of God’s character of pure love and pure goodness.  Then, write down your resolve to have a character like God’s knowing that you were created in God’s image and likeness; you were created to be loved by God and to love.  

Prayer: O Abba, by this letter to me and by your Spirit who dwells in me, teach me who you truly are and create an unwavering belief in that truth.  Then, no matter what might befall me today or tomorrow, I will trust you and will be compelled, by the Spirit, to love you with my whole heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love my neighbor with a love like yours.             


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