Re-Centering in God’s Word

       God on You

Firmly Believe God’s Word About How God Sees  You

Directions: With unwavering faith believe what God has to say about how God sees you.  First, dedicate 30-60 seconds to listening attentively to what God is saying in any one of the scripture texts contained between blue bars.  (Choose only one text to start with.)   Then, dedicate 30-60 seconds to tell God—in your own words—what you believe God has just said to you about who you are in God’s eyes. 

Dear ______,    [Say your name in the blanks.]

Remember always that you are my child. I loved you, _______, before you ever came to be. [Ps 139:13] I personally formed your inmost being and knit you together in your mother’s womb. [Ps 139:15]  I love you with my whole heart and created you in my likeness; in the image of love, I created you so that we might converse deeply with each other at all times and in all places. [Ge 1:27]   (CwG)

You, _____, are my workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. [Ep 2:10]  Each day, my Spirit will aid you so that your goodness knows no bounds as mine knows no bounds.  [Mt 5:48]  Be assured that my Spirit is constantly working in you to renew your heart [Ez 36: 26] so that you will always be willing [Ps 51] to walk in my ways and to act according to my good purposes.  [Ph 2:12]    (CwG)

Be confident also that I, your God, do work all things unto good for those who love Me. [Rm 8:28]  And be assured that I, who began a good work in you, _______, will carry it to full completion.  Then, when my Son and your brother, Jesus, comes again in glory, you, _____, will rejoice with him.  [IB Ph 1:3.]   (CwG)

Continue this conversation with God,  (1) by writing down your insight into yourself as a beloved  child of God and as a new creation in Christ,  and/or (2) by thanking  God and delighting in God with appreciation for how he created you and redeemed you, and/or (3) by asking God to forgive you for not being more like Christ,  Jesus.     

Upon completion  ask God for battle ready wisdom to fight the good fight to become all God intended you to be and to be armed with the sword of the Holy Spirit for today’s witnessing to God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

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