Re-Centering in God’s Word

God’s Pure Goodness

Introduction: The texts below are inspired by the Psalms, Exodus 33-34 and Isaiah 66. Through faith and through the Spirit, hear God speaking directly to you. 

Directions: If a glimpse of God’s pure goodness strikes you, Stop!  Be still and listen!  God is speaking to you. Be refreshed.  


Alternatively, press on to the end, taking note of how God is implanting knowledge of who God truly is in your mind and heart.  

In either scenario, humbly resolve to reflect God’s goodness 24/7 today.  After all, did God not create you in the image of God, in the image of pure goodness?  Therefore, be your true self as redeemed by Christ and walk in the ways of the the new creation at work in you, in the ways of pure goodness, returning good for evil just as your heavenly father does.

Prayer: O Holy Spirit, inner coach, help me to ponder and bask in Abba’s pure goodness.  Help me to believe without wavering that God truly is who God says God is in the Scriptures.  Although powers are different, inspire me to believe that you created me to have a mind full of pure goodness, like unto the mind of Christ.  I know this is truth because Jesus commands me: Be boundless in goodness because your heavenly Father’s goodness is boundless!  [Mt 5:48]


No Matter Who You Think I Am.

I am Humble.

I am Trustworthy.

I am Compassionate.

I am Merciful.

I am Gracious.

I am Joyous.

I am Purity.

I am Living Water.

I am Unfailing Love.

I am Wisdom.

I am Peacefulness.

I am Faithfulness itself.

I am your Shield.

I am your Fortress, _____.

I am your Deliverer, _____.

I am your Rescuer.

I am your Refuge, _____.

I am your Rock.

I am the Giver of life and light.

I am the Defender of the fatherless.

I am the Blameless one.

I am the Searcher of hearts.

I am the Knower of minds.

I am the Teacher of teachers.*

I am the Revealer of truth.*

I am the Lover of justice.*

My commandments conform to your created


Never mock my commands, _____, saying they

    make your life  unhappy.*

They are for your benefit.*

They will lead you, _____, unto green pastures.*

I am also a Burning Fire to the arrogant and the


I am a Chastiser of the unrepentant.

I am the One who trains you, _____, for spiritual


I am the One who wages the spiritual war.

I am the One who loved you, _____, before you

    were yet formed.

I am the One who formed you, _____, in your

    mother’s womb.

I am the One who embraces you, _____, as a

    mother cradles her  infant.

I am the One who comforts you, _____, as a

    caring grandmother.

In the seamless unity of my gentleness,

    joyfulness, and holiness, I always protect,

    nurture, and love you.


To continue this conversation with God, share with God your delight  in God’s character.  Use your own words.  If you are stuck or just beginning, you might want to click on the link below for Prayers of Delight to get started.

                        Delight in God     GD-Delight_in_Gods.html

Important Reminder

If, during the day, your mind and heart harden toward God, quickly recall by memory God’s pure goodness as described in the text above, or return to this electronic page or the equivalent page in the hard copy of Getting to Know God, and contemplate God’s pure goodness.  Let the Holy Spirit have the joy of inspiring you to relax and bask briefly in God’s pure goodness often each day.  Let the true knowledge of God inform all your thinking; it will transform your life and all your relationships!



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