Re-Centering in God’s Word

      God’s Pure love

Introduction: God is your Creator,  God is your first family of origin and your primary birth parent. As such, God is your most important attachment figure.  Therefore, getting to know God’s love and believing it as truth builds a deep, trusting, emotional attachment that allows you to love God unconditionally.  In trusting God’s love unconditionally, you will grow ever more like Christ: patient, kind, meek, humble, just, gentle, truthful, and thoughtful and confident of God’s beneficial plan for you, your life and its value in his eternal plan of love. 

Directions: The texts below are inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 and Exodus 33 and framed as words from God’s heart to your heart and mind.   Through faith and through the Spirit, hear God speaking directly to you.  If an aspect of God’s character strikes you, Stop!  Be still and listen!  After being spiritually refreshed, praise God for his wondrous character that in forms and guides his almighty power.   Alternatively, press on to the end, taking note of how God, The Holy Spirit, is working love in you.  Then write your resolve to have a character like God’s, for you were created in the image of Love.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, friend, teacher, and redeemer, help me to believe without wavering that you have given me the Holy Spirit. [1 Jn 4:12-13]. Then, my ears will hear His voice in the texts below and I will see and bask in Abba’s true character.  As I contemplate the texts below, create an unwavering belief in me that I was created in the image of Love and that you redeemed me to reflect a love like yours in every minute of my daily life, each day.  Create now also in me a resolve to love you and others as you have loved the Father and as the Father has loved me. [1 Jn 4:12-13] And God said:  I AM LOVE.


I am patient.

I am kind.

I am humble.

I am not boastful or arrogant.

I am always respectful of you, _____, and your

   inner  beauty, dignity, and worth.

I am never abrasive, nor sarcastic.

I am never rude.

I have never been rude to you, _____, not ever,

   not even  once.

I will never be rude to you, my child, never, not

   even once.

I am always considerate of all your needs,


I am thoughtful.

I am slow to act upon the hurt I receive from

    you, _____.

I never act off the first impulse of my anger.

I, the Lord your God, keep no record of your

    wrongs, _____.

I do not delight in any evil you do.

I do not delight in any evil that befalls you,  


I rejoice with the truth.

I rejoice when you, _____,  know the truth of

   WHO I AM.

I am the Truth. That I am Love is Truth and you

   cannot change that!

I always protect you, _____.

I am confident and always workings that you

   will come to yearn for me.

I always hope you will come to me with all your


I always persevere in doing good for you,


I am   pure goodness.

There is no end to my love.


That is who I am, in heaven and on earth, when

  I say,  I AM WHO I AM

To continue this conversation with God, share your delight  in God’s character in your own words. 

Click on the link below for Prayers of Delight you might  want to model.

                      Delight in God     GD-Delight_in_Gods.html

Fighting Temptations Strategy

If, during the day, your mind and heart harden toward God, quickly recall by memory God’s pure goodness as described in the text above, or return to this electronic page or the equivalent page in the hard copy of Getting to Know God, and contemplate God’s pure goodness.  Let the Holy Spirit have the joy of inspiring you to relax and bask briefly in God’s pure goodness often each day.  Let the true knowledge of God inform all your thinking; it will transform your life and all your relationships!



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