Getting to Know God

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. [Mt 11:28-29]




How to Give your Friends

an Electronic Copy of

Getting to Know God

free of charge:

just send them the link to this Christian treasure:


Seven Basic Benefits

acquired by doing

the Christian Spiritual Disciplines in

Getting to Know God:

1) The inner beauty and pure goodness of God becomes the central focus in your life, purifying your thoughts and healing your unregulated emotions.

(2) Jesus’ exhortation, “Be boundless in goodness as your heavenly Father’s goodness is boundless,” becomes the benchmark to set your life’s goals, measure your achievements, and judge your faithfulness to Christ.  [Mt 5:48]

(3) Your belief in your absolute worth, undeniable dignity, and inner beauty as God’s child, redeemed in Christ as a new creation, will grow, thankfulness will soar and meaningful conversations with God will increase and deepen. 

(4) Your mind will become ever more like Christ’s.  You will see, understand and believe in God’s love for your neighbor.  Consequently, with and by the Holy Spirit, you will grow evermore like Jesus in loving and serving your neighbor.

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(5) The spiritual arts learned in this  booklet  will  enliven, by the Holy Spirit, a desire to ponder all Scripture and all God’s created order each day.  Would you have ever believed that?

(6) Sermons in your local church will come alive as never before. Your workplace,  your school, and your community as well as your home and your local church will become both exciting and challenging places to practice God’s love and goodness and witness to having the mind of Christ. 

(7) Daily life will touch eternal life and thereby your way of thinking will be radically transformed into new creation thoughts.  You will experience a peace you have not before know.  Sorry, I could not get rid of temptations; Jesus added them in in his promises.  But he also promised his power and presence in those tough moments.

The Effects Are Cumulative!  Give It Time!   Persevere! 

Research:  Research shows that repetitive, focused attention/action brings about a rewiring of our brain’s neural pathways; that is, it forms new habits

It has been said:

Getting to Know God is a primer for Bible reading. 

The thinking behind that statement is:

If you have got God wrong, you will misinterpret the whole Bible.  But if you Get to Know God for who God truly is, you will be able to interpret all things according to the heart of God.

People are ordering it by the 10s.

It is small;

it is transforming.

It is so effective in helping people stay connected to  a God of love all day long.

This publication has been used for many occasions:

From Bible studies,

to a prayer booklet for member visitation, to church-wide gifts for special events. 

It has also been used as

a birthday favor,

a baptism favor,

and can be used as a wedding favor. 


How to Give your Friends

an Electronic Copy of

Getting to Know God

free of charge:

just send them the link to this Christian treasure:


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