Re-Centering in God’s Word


The Left Column depicts                         The Right Column depicts

our fallen self without the                       God’s Character as

Holy Spirit’s help.                                     revealed in Scripture.

If you find yourself on the                       Your characters should

left side, ask the Holy Spirit                    be like Jesus’, your Lord

for help, insight,  wisdom,                       and first born brother of

fortitude, perseverance, hope,                a new creation. Ask the

encouragement and                                  Spirit to help you become 

self-control.                                                like Jesus in virtue.



Jesus is not,  but                                        Jesus is and

my fallen self is:                                         I was created to  be.

Without the cross, I am:                          Jesus died so I could be:

Without the Spirit, I am:                         With the Spirit, I can be:



abrasive.                                                      gentle.

selfish.                                                         thoughtful.

insensitive.                                                 considerate.

hard hearted, ruthless.                            merciful, compassionate.

frantic, worried.                                        peaceful, serene.

treacherous, devious.                               faithful, trustworthy.

lustful, depraved.                                      chaste, pure. 

partial, prejudiced.                                   just, fair.

irritable, moody.                                       gentle, balanced.

sarcastic,  cynical.                                     affirming, believing.

mean, rude, cold.                                      kind, gracious, warm.

quick to speak &                                       quick to listen &

    misunderstand                                          understand

proud, arrogant, boastful.                     humble, meek, modest.


Without the Holy Sprit I will:              With the Holy Spirit I will:

delight in evil.                                           delight only in good.

seek revenge.                                             forgive.

expose others to harm.                            protect.

be suspicious of others.                           trust (others can heal

                                                                         and grow).

create despair and alarm.                       create hope and peace.

be lustful and depraved  in                     be chaste and pure in

   word and deed                                          word and deed

     and affirmed thought.                            and affirmed thought.

give up doing good.                                  persevere in doing good.

demean the dignity and                           respect the dignity and

    intrinsic worth even of                            intrinsic worth even of

    my loved ones                                           my enemies.

be quick to  anger.                                    be slow to anger.




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