Re-Centering in God’s Word



Jesus went to Nazareth, his hometown, and, as was his custom on the Sabbath day, he went to the synagogue.  [Lk 4:16]     (CwJ)

The first disciples gathered in fellowship; studied the Apostles’ teachings with great devotion; broke bread and prayed together.  [IB. Ac 2:42ff]   (CwHS)

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of Abba.”  [Ps 122:1]   Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the LORD.  May Abba, the maker of heaven and earth, bless you, _____, in the sanctuary.  [Ps 134]    (CwG)

In the midst of the congregation, I, _____, will praise you, O LORD, Abba, and I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters.  Those, who fear God, assemble to praise God.  Those who trust ABBA gather to thank the LORD of the Sabbath.  Those who love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength meet on the Sabbath to tell of God’s wondrous love.  I, _____, will proclaim Abba’s merciful power to transform hardened hearts and God’s desire to embrace all his lost children.  [IB Ps 22:22-25.]    (CwG)

Rest the Sabbath day; it was created for you, _____.  It is my gift to the humble to restore them, to fill them with my joy, and to bathe all their concerns in my divine providence.  Come, the table is prepared; I delight communing with the humble who gather in my name.“  [IB. by Dt. 5:6.]    (CwG)

Having Heard God, with Humble Faith, Speak To God 

O ABBA, help me to understand your purposes for Sabbath gathering and freedom from work so that I might lead others to experience and embrace by faith the Holy Spirit’s awesome indwelling work in them. Help me to encourage others to gather as believers and to thank you and Jesus for gifts received, especially for the greatest gift, the Holy Spirit, our indwelling Teacher, Prayer Partner, Advocate, Friend, and Comforter.

Dear Holy Spirit, may we joyfully serve others through the particular vocations you have given us. Then, we will indeed worship God in truth and in Spirit every minute of the day. Revive in us a deep belief that Abba wants us to gather regularly in a hope-filled atmosphere to converse with Him, his Son and You. Strengthen also a mid-week resolve to gather with others in your name!

When re-centered in God’s word, thank God by telling God how much you appreciate being taught wisdom from his very mouth.

           One lives by every word that comes from the mouth

            of God and not by bread alone. [Dt 8:3; Mt 4:4]. 

God is coaching eternal-life skills and restoring your strength to fight in the ever present now to build up God’s kingdom on earth as it is heaven.  The fruit of the Spirit will blossom in you, bear fruit, and glorify God.




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