Re-Centering in God’s Word

Accountability? In Christ, not a Concept.

“Accountability?”  in Christ

Accountability is Not Initially Required

While the cultural concept of accountability is always encouraged, it is not at all necessary for most people to begin to make real progress with the Holy Spirit in the fruit of the Spirit and in an abundant increase of micro-acts of charity in their lives.

Inner Drive to Have the Mind of Christ Is Required For Advanced Training

Accountability is actually not necessary for advanced training in having the mind of Christ .  However, deep faith that the new creation is a reality--always in progress from glory to glory--is  a necessity.

Keep your Mental Focus Sharp:   You are training so that your micro-interpretive thoughts become ever more like Christ’s would be. The goal is to have the mind of Christ 24/7.  This includes continuing all day long to work with the Holy Spirit so that you are Christ-like in what you do and what you say.  

Visible and Tangible: You are becoming the new creation.  As this can happen only by the Holy Spirit, the fruit will be evident.  Therefore, judge yourself if you are becoming ever more and more known for your gentleness and for being meek and humble.  Yet, you will also be known for having a mind for truth and justice as Jesus did.  In similar  manner, you will find that you blame no one for your thoughts, words or actions, and that you hold others responsible for what they think, do and say—just like Jesus did.

Being  100% responsible for yourself and holding others responsible for themselves allows  for repentance to be a way of life for yourself—and the other.  As repentance become an ongoing reality in your life, the fullness of God’s helping grace  will also be showered upon you in abundance.

Pray for Deep Micro Conversations

O gentle Author of the Scriptures, fill my mind with your truths so that my daily micro-contemplations and micro-meditations will be full of your revealed wisdom and holiness.  Each day, guide me to the gospels to hear and see what it is that Jesus wants me to know, how he wants me to think and what he want me to do. 

Teach me also to love the psalms and to be nourished by them each day and may good fruit flow forth from this wisdom and reflect your compassion, purity, and goodness in my relationships with others.

Intentional Acts of Micro-Charity

Intentional micro acts of charity, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity and justice should checker your every day. These are not usually noticed by others but will be intentionally carried out by you.  Note: In the beginning this might feel like like you are carrying a daily cross at the micro level of life. But that is precisely where the abundant life exists and  Jesus did command you to take up your cross and follow him. If not, you are not worthy to be one of his disciples.



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