Re-Centering in God’s Word

Jesus Teaches Us To Pray Boldly:

“Ask the Father for the very best and

expect to receive the Holy Spirit as your

personal and Divine

Coach, Strengthener, Friend & Teacher.”

[Say your name in the blank spaces.]

Pray Boldly with Hope in Jesus’ Teachings

If your child asks for a fish, will you, _____, give her a snake instead? Or if your child asks for an egg, will you give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil in the inclinations of your heart, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give you, _____, the Holy Spirit if you ask him!” [ Lk 12-14]     

O, merciful and gentle heavenly Father of pure goodness, gift me with the Holy Spirit so that the Spirit may teach me your ways in your Son’s gospel  and  guide me so that all the thoughts of my heart are pleasing to you.  May even my smallest thoughts--my micro interpretative thoughts--and my micro decisions, be pleasing to you. The Spirit you have sent me helps me do just that 24/7. Thank you for this Divine Gift. I receive him as an honored and highly invited guest into an unworthy abode.  He is so kind and gentle and conversant about your character, Father, and so penetrating in highlighting Jesus’ intentions is his gospel teachings.

Yet, Father, I still grieve him so many times with my rudeness toward others, with speaking unwisely or unkindly and in many other anti-love and anti-Sermon on the Mount ways.   Please tell him--as only you can--that I am deeply sorry for this grief I cause him by my many sins.

Yet, also tell him, he is a precious and desired gift and that you and Jesus want him to keep working in me and on me to mold me into the image of Christ Jesus, first born of a new creation.   Thank you most gracious Father. And thank you, Jesus, for sharing this truth about the Father being a most wise and generous giver of the Holy Spirit to those who ask.  Why ask for anything else? The Holy Spirit is the pearl of great price, priceless. 

Dear Holy Spirit, who indwells me, teach me and help me to love Jesus and the Father more and more. Fill my mind with passion to become more like Christ and yet among people to become less so that Christ might become more, May my ardent desire be that Jesus grows more and more in the hearts and minds of people while I become less and less. John the Baptist taught me this and I love John for being so humble and centered in you, Friend and Divine Teacher.  John is one of my treasures in heaven as Jesus taught us to have treasures in heaven. [Mt 6:19-21] Greet him for me.

Father, not because I am worthy, but because Jesus told me that you would give me the Holy Spirit if I asked, I humbly ask that you gift me the Holy Spirit to dwell in me and to teach and guide me.

Father, Jesus told me to ask you in his name for things that would be according to his will and that you would most certainly give them to me because of him. I am going to ask for one thing and one thing only, the very best gift you have to give me.  I am asking that you gift me the very fullness of the Holy Spirit and that I receive him with humility and joy.  May I be ever attentive to the Spirit’s 24/7-promptings and guidance.  Thank you for having told your Son to tell us to pray in this way in his name.   [ Lk 12-14]

I thank you, Jesus, Lord and Savior.  I thank you that you freely accepted to die on the cross to save me from my sins and eternal separation from the love of God, the Father.  But I simultaneously thank you that  you sent me the Holy Spirit so that I might become ever  more holy, ever more like you each day.  Finally, I thank you that you personally prayed for my sanctification in John 17.  That gives me such hope and motivation.

Holy Spirit, I know that you dwell in me because the Father has given you to me.  Prompt me to be thankful each day and all day long.  Continue always to be my Divine Guide, Friend, and Helper.  I am so weak and inconsistent and sinful. Please do not give up on me.  Teach me constantly by the Scriptures and by your wisdom embedded in the created order to have the mind of Christ 24/7.  Then the Father will have greater pleasure in his creation and in his Son’s redemptive work of reconciling a sinner like me to Him.

Spirit, I love just knowing that you created the entire universe and filled it with all knowledge and wisdom that will lead us to love the Father.  I rejoice that your  promptings to do good and avoid evil are far quicker than other voices in the universe if one is attentive and humble.  I rejoice that the Evil One has no power over me--and others who accept Christ as their Lord and Savior who has sent you, the Sanctifier, to them.  I know that the Evil One still has the Father’s  permission to lie to me as the Evil One did in the garden.  But I trust in your strength and wisdom and know that after a while  the Liar will flee [1 Pe 5:9-11] as your love at work in me causes him such torment.  

Given my past tendency to believe lies for truth and then sin against your divine work in me, give me a thirst to daily seek your truths in the Scriptures and in creation. Make me so sensitive to your divine truths when I study that I clearly discern your voice from that of the Evil One. Taught by you in this way and with your promptings, I will more easily see and reject his lies and the lies of a world that have been blinded by his lies. May I cling to your promptings no matter how big the cross may seem.   May Jesus’ refrain become my way of life: “Not my will, but the Father’s will of divine wisdom, pure goodness and eternal love be done.”


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