Re-Centering in God’s Word

Basic Training In Wielding  the 

Sword of the Spirit 

By the Spirit’s Sword Slay God’s Enemies

By faith, _______, quench the flaming arrows of evil, and, by the sword of the Spirit, God’s word, slay God’s enemies.  Pray constantly in the Spirit and ask help in all things.  God will strengthen you. [IB Ep 6:10,16,18]   (CwHS)

[Personalized into direct address from God:]

By faith, _______, quench the flaming arrows of evil, and, by the sword of the Spirit, God’s word, My word, slay My enemies.  Pray constantly in the Spirit and ask My help in all things.  I, your God, will strengthen you, _______. [IB Ep 6:10,16,18]   (CwHS)

Do not be afraid in life; be assured of my peace and my help. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you, _______, all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.   [Jn 14:26]

Prayers to Wield the Sword

O Spirit, Jesus wielded your sword mightily and slew the Evil One in the desert with God’s word. May I be astute in spiritual battle like him, knowing God’s word that well and using it to defeat every temptation.  And may “self-control,” fruit of your new creation in me, empower me to say “no” to unruly urges and “yes” to love and kindness.  [IB Ga 4:7b]

O Spirit, first aid me (1) to listen attentively to God’s word at least ten times a day, (2) then to seek Abba’s particular, minute-to-minute will for me each hour and (3) finally to do God’s will, God’s way in each present moment of the day.  And when—due to circumstances—I have not done the first two, may  you, O forgiving Spirit and Teacher of Truth,  enlighten me so as to know and empower me to start to do God’s will, God’s way, right then, all day.  Thank you.

Holy Spirit, I boldly ask you to work the word of God deeply within me and thereby refine my way of thinking so that I will have the same attitude as Christ about the meaning and purpose of life.  Then, whoever sees me might at least get a glimpse of my beloved Father.  Then I will be more like Jesus who said: “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”  Spirit that is not the reality now and that makes me sad and penitent.

Yet, I have hope in you, Holy Spirit, and in the promise of the new creation at work in me. This is a great mystery , yet it is reality.  Increase my faith that God’s word is truth and powerful to effect what God has promised. Then, Christ will shine in my heart and mind and be manifest in my words and deeds. [Jn 14:9]

Resolve in Christ  to Train Diligently

For you, my beloved Father, and in Christ, I commit to and resolve to do the following under the guidance of my Divine Coach, the Holy Spirit. By his loving power  in me, I have hope and confidence to succeed. Therefore,  I commit to:

  1. (1)micro-contemplate and micro-meditate on God’s word often during the day: at work, at play, at home, in school, in the car,

  1. (2)micro-reply to God about God’s  word after I hear God speak God’s word to me,

  1. (3)wield  the  Spirit’s  sword  immediately whenever temptations come,

  1. (4)witness to the life of the Holy Spirit in me by hearing and carrying out his prompting to do micro-acts of charity, thoughtfulness, kindness, gentleness, justice and love  in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

  1. (5)continue to micro-witness to the life of the Holy Spirit in me through micro-acts of charity whether I feel like it or not. 

Prayer: I humbly ask, you, Holy Spirit, to guide me and empower me to fulfill my  commitment, which I believe you have prompted me to make.



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