Re-Centering in God’s Word

Table of Contents

God on God & on You   

Contemplate on “Who” God Says God Is:   

1.  God’s Love Letter to You                       

2.  God’s Pure Love               

3.  God’s Pure Goodness    

4.  God on God’s Beneficial Presence                          

Your Response to Who God Says God Is:

1.  Delight in God’s Character       (Admire)     

2.  Thank God for Blessings          ( Appreciate)

Meta-Meditate on “Who” God Says You Are:  

1.  God on You    

God on Your Interpretive Thoughts

1.  Worry/Fear/Unregulated Anxiety

2.  Resentment/Sarcasm/Cynicism/Unregulated Anger

3.  Future Plans and Hopes 

4.  Past Accomplishments

5.  Lusting    

6.  Urges/Cravings/Compulsions/Addictions

7.  De-Energized/Loss of Interest/Hope (Depression)

8.  No Confidence in God’s Activity

9a  Tempted to Put other gods First

9b  Tempted Not to Worship in Community

10.  Lost Your True Sense of Self

11.  Lost  Heart to Admire/Appreciate/Delight in others

12.  Lost  Hope in the Resurrection

Your Sanctification

God’s Initiative, Your Response

1. Jesus Prays to the Father for Your Sanctification

2.  Jesus: You Need the Spirit to Walk the Narrow Path

3.  Jesus: Worry Not! The Spirit Lives in You

4.  Jesus: Humble Faith Unleashes the Spirit in You        

5.  Jesus: Prayers  to Receive The Holy Spirit                 

6.  Signs that You Are in Step with the Holy Spirit         

The Scriptures: The Spirit’s  Primary External Means to

Teach the Humble Heart the Path to Eternal Life

1. The Power of God’s Word To Transform You

2.  Ode to the Life-Giving Light of God’s Word

3.  Prayers to be Guided by the Light of  God’s Word 

  1. 4. God’s Command: Develop Practical Memory Strategies

Training by the Spirit in Living God’s Word 24/7

1.  Basic  Training in Wielding the Sword of the Spirit 

2.  Doing God’s Will & Being a Faithful Disciple of Christ    

3.  Training  Strategies & Micro Acts of Charity   

4.  Not Accountability  but Deep Desire to be Like Christ  

5.  Spirit Centered Prayers & Blessings for Jesus’ Disciples   

6.  Spreading the Good News of the Gospel to Others        

Frequently Asked Question & ...

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. 1. Why Written

2.  The Benefits of this Christian Spiritual Discipline?  

  1. 3. How to Read the Bible: The Gospels First

4.  Prayer Codes & Scriptural Translations?   

Useful Definitions:    

1.  Contemplation   

2.  Meditation     

  1. 3. Meta-Meditation  


Is there a Step by Step Process?     

  1. 1. Nine Steps To Having the Mind of Christ 24/7     

2.  The Nine Steps to Inner Peace and Joy

  1. 3. Radically Transformed by GTKG:  The Process    

How Can I Gift GTKG to Someone?   

1.  FREE: Gift an Electronic GTKG to Family and Friends

2.  Gift the GIKG Book to Friends and Loved Ones     


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